Breaking the barrier

I took this photo at Vrindavan,Uttar Pradesh, during Holi festival at 11th march,2017.Widows have been looked down upon for centuries in India. They could not participate in joyful customs like Holi which is the Hindu festival of colours. But things have changed in the last two to three years. Mathura is the most famous destination to observe and play holi and some NGOs thought that why should the widows not be the part of it. They broke the tradition and encouraged widows from all age groups and all parts of the country to participate in the Widow Holi, which usually is held two days before holi. The widows rediscovered themselves and found happiness in their life which is surrounded all over by sorrow. they come , they play, they enjoy. they are not Zombies, they are just humans like you and me. so the rights you enjoy, they have equal right to be part of those. In this image i want to capture the happiness and the spirit of the two widows who are swinging hand in hand and soaked in love and happiness.

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